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As motor cars became more popular and the need to transport them from manufacturer to market increased along with the growth of Motorail services carrying passengers' cars to their destinations while their owners also travelled by train, a large number of carflat wagons were produced.

Originally they were built from converted pre-nationalisation carriage under-frames but a switch was made to using frames from redundant 64ft Mk1 suburban stock when these became available.

Although allocated as freight vehicles a number of the carflats retained their buckeye couplings and buffing plates and could be found in use on Motorail services as required by demand, a large number being painted blue and carrying Motorail boards in the centre. A large number gained through air pipes and full dual braking over time.

With the splitting of assets between the different businesses as British Rail prepared for Privatisation a number of the carflats were transferred into the NPCCS series under the control of the InterCity sector.

The pack is planned to include a couple of the most popular body variants of Carflat built on Mk1 under frames with various combinations of brake fitting where appropriate along with the vehicles transferred into the NPCCS fleet.

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