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Here's a seriously delayed update on progress! Squeezing in development time at the moment is a challenge and the updates keep getting buried under the other things to do.

HBA/HEA Hoppers

The development of the of the air braked domestic coal hoppers is now virtually complete with the last shapes having their LODs created and the basis of the installer completed. The hoppers themselves are complete along with the scenarios and manuals it's just the bonus brake vans that are receiving final attention before the installer is compiled and released for testing.

If installer testing goes well and no errors have crept in during the LOD and installer building process the hoppers should be ready for release in early December although of course this is subject to all the usual disclaimers in terms of a date!

North Staffs Minerals

We have recently found a talented asset creator to begin the process of creating the many unique and location specific items needed for the route so we should start to see some more progress made in the coming weeks.

Stock Packs

VDA Vans. The work done to improve the brake vans included in the HBA/HEA Hoppers pack has seen matching updates made to the CAR brake van originally included with the VDA vans. At the same time the opportunity has been taken to add extra versions of some of the VDA vans with an early pattern battery tail lamp for use in late 1980s scenarios. As a result a patch will be made available in a couple of weeks to update previous owners of the VDA vans and a new installer created for new purchases.

Bullion Carriers. The bullion van is now complete and work is continuing on the bullion flat alongside the completion of the HBA/HEA hoppers.

Ages of the Train: East Coast Class 1 Passenger

Following on from the successful release of the original Ages of the Train featuring prototypical period freight workings on the East Coast Mainline a start has been made on the second pack in the series. This new offering will feature loco hauled and HST powered express services in the 1970's and 1980's. At the present time the first two scenarios have their player services in place and are in the queue for initial testing as the third player service is created.

Beta Testers

As people have changed roles and got interested in other aspects of development our beta test team has shrunk slightly and we'd like to add two or three more members to the team. If you would be interested do please get in touch and we'll send a person specification for you to have a look at to see if you think you would suit the role and are the kind of person we are looking for.

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