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A New Year and new promises!

There will be a Progress Update every month even though it's one of the least popular things to do, especially as it's looking to be quite a busy year.

So without further ado let's have a look at the progress of a few of our Train Simulator expansions at present.

Car Flats

Fastline Simulation - Carflats: A low level render of a dia. 1/088 carflat with fixed sides, buckeye couplings, dual brakes, steel ends and Motorail branding boards.

The shapes for all the main variations of the car flats are now complete and the full range featured in a blog post towards the end of last year if you want to see the complete range. These are now ready for testing and this is scheduled to start later this week.

12T Vanwides

Both of the scenarios that are being developed for inclusion in this Train Simulator expansion have now had their player and AI service tests. The first scenario is having the final static consists and other tweaks completed before attention moves to the second scenario for static items to be added.

Once these are heading towards test the manual can be compiled and thoughts about installers will rear their heads.

Bullion Carriers

These have completed their first shape test which showed up a couple of little errors that needed to be attended to. With those completed, attention has turned to unwrapping the models ready for shadow baking and application of the recognisable BR blue and grey livery.

There's not likely to be any pictures for a bit as this part of the process is the least exciting and just one of those things that has to be pushed through!


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