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We managed to miss the May update with a month full of boring stuff completed and family holidays, sorry about that. However, here's the June update with much more interesting stuff.


Fastline Simulation - Carflats: An FVX carflat to diagram 1/088 in Rail Blue livery with vacuum and air brakes, fixed sides with steel ends and Motorail branding.

Those of you who follow the blog will have seen that we published some pictures of the Carflats a couple of weeks ago and they caused a bit of a stir!

The shapes are now fully unwrapped and have their base textures in place along with the Ambient Occlusion baked and added. This just leaves a bit of weathering to add, oh and some vehicles to load them with. These are under production having been outsourced and the early images we've seen are looking very good indeed.

The scenarios are also in the planning stage and at least one of them has already been mocked up with some screenshots appearing internally.

VEA Vans

We've been feeding out pictures of these over the past few weeks in both clean and weathered versions along with the ODA open wagon that is being included as a little bonus.

At the present time the shapes are all complete and the scenarios are undergoing testing and final tweaks in preparation for the creation of the manual and installer.

Ages of the Train 02: ECML Class 1 Passenger

After an enforced hiatus following a large number of the required stock items becoming unavailable it's great to see work on these scenarios starting again. At the present time the older versions of rolling stock are being swapped in favour of currently available versions. Testing of the scenarios should start in the next few weeks once the last of the VEA pack scenarios have completed testing.

Bullion Carriers

The manual is complete, installer built and all the supporting webpages and shop requirements are in place. All that remains now is to turn it live in the next few days ...

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