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Wow that was quite a month with two Train Simulator expansions released and from what we've been hearing a lot of content customers enjoying their new purchases!

Just in case you managed to miss it we have released our Bullion Carriers and 12t VEA Vans expansion packs - just click their names to find out more and possibly treat yourself. As a taster there's a scene (featuring recent and not so recent releases) that could have happened in the mid to late 1980's below.

Fastline Simulation: A Class 86 hauled bullion special rushes through Carnforth and past a Speedlink working conveying MoD traffic at the front that has been held in the Up Goods Loop.

Ages of the Train 02: ECML Class 1 Passenger

Our scenario author has had a stressful month with the first of the scenarios to be included in the pack as it started to misbehave and cause Train Simulator to crash. After much stripping back and virtually rebuilding from the start the scenario is now stable and will have just started formal testing when you read this. Judging by the traffic on our version control system the second scenario seems to be making better progress.


These appear to have been a pleasant surprise when first shown on the blog a few weeks ago. Most of the effort since has been in getting the VEA vans released and another unannounced project that has taken a concentrated effort to get complete and through testing in the last couple of weeks. However, the BORAIL EB that was shown in the post has been converted into the earlier BORAIL EC version with a flat deck for carrying concrete beams. A render of this model will appear in a future blog post.

Rebodied 21t Coal Hoppers

If the appearance of the BORAIL on the blog was a welcome surprise the unveiling of the first renders of some rebodied dia. 1/146 coal hoppers seemed to create an even bigger stir. The models that were shown in render form are due to be brought properly into game along with some enhanced features we've been working on and some screenshots shouldn't be too far behind. At the same time the modeller seems to have the bit between his teeth and is muttering about LNER brake levers and the like so it looks like these models may get some backdating too ...

August Update

The thing is that there's not going to be one!

August is looking like a busy real life month for a lot of us so there's likely to be not that much to report back on, especially compared to the busy month we've just had so it seemed a good idea not to try and create an update for the sake of it. Secondly there is a very important article that needs to be written ready for publishing at the start of September and we don't really want to draw attention away from that.

Enjoy your summer and don't miss it when it happens for a few fleeting hours while you're playing Train Simulator!

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