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So that was the summer! Surprisingly there's a fair bit of news to share as various projects have made progress and we look forward to Train Simulator 2015 later in the month.

12T Vanwides

Fastline Simulation - 12T Vanwide: A Class 08 is seen removing 4 Vanwides from a local goods yard after unloading.

The shapes, textures and blueprints are complete and have passed testing. The scenarios are currently in production and will hopefully make it to the test stage fairly soon. The vans themselves are a joy to play with in Train Simulator and hopefully these will be the first of many packs featuring more traditional goods wagons. I for one have a sudden rekindled desire to create traditional mixed goods trains with a selection of short wheel based wagons trundling behind a blue (or even green) diesel. You never know the diesel brake tender may even get unwrapped and brought into use!

HEA Hopper Conversions

Fastline Simulation - HEA Conversions: The Loadhaul liveried CEA has been released from the paintshop after application of lettering and poses for the official photographer.

All of the shapes and base textures for these are now complete and a selection have already been signed over to our new texture artist to add a little bit of dirt to the 'clean' ones and to go to town with making the dirty ones looking like they've been working hard. Completing the CEA shape and base textures was a great milestone as modelling a realistic sheet had been preying in the back of the mind and a task that had been avoided for as long as possible.

The remaining process for these will see the various levels of dirt added to textures and them being assigned to shapes as suitable blueprints are created before final testing. The scenarios (using the Settle to Carlisle route) are already in production so again, there should be a fairly easy path through to the completion of this project.

Bullion Carriers

Fastline Simulation - Bullion Carriers: View of the bullion container flat showing the B4 bogie and shroud around the lamp iron to prevent the oil tail lamp being blown out by the air flow when travelling at speed.

No, these hadn't been forgotten, just put on the other workbench as the 'Oh look what else I can do with an HEA hopper' process worked itself out. It's been great to get back to these and finally get the work on the bullion flat completed, it seems an age since I was battling with the ETH fittings using some very grainy photographs. All that's left for these shapewise is to model the containers to go on the flats and get the initial shape out to the testers before embarking on the unwrapping, backing and texturing process.

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We're always on the lookout to add more talented modellers, route builders and scenario authors to the team. If you think you've got something to offer feel free to get in touch.

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