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So here were are one month after announcing some big changes at Fastline Simulation followed by the announcement of some twenty expansions to be released via Steam Marketplace.


It has certainly been a busy month and challenging both personally in term of time management and energy along with development wise as we've attempted to push the boundaries here and there. Those of you who follow the blog will have seen a number of articles showing progress and discussing some of the developments we've been making.

The monthly update will continue but to avoid it repeating too much information will be more of a quick statement of progress about the packs that have seen work done on them over the month. To keep fully up-to-date it is advisable to follow one of our social media channels (the links are at the bottom of the page) or the blog. Totally up-to-date progress can also be viewed by taking a look at our Trello Board.

VCA 45t GLW 2 Axle Vans

The picture included in this article will be the first time you have seen these vans. They have been quietly finished off and just came out of our internal testing regime with a clean bill of health. These should have the final little bits done to them and the manual compiled in the next couple of days ready to submit to Dovetail Games for their internal Quality Assurance (QA) in preparation for release.

ZCA Sea Urchins [EWS] & HTV 21t Coal Hopper Rebodies

These have been with Dovetail Games for QA and we're currently waiting on release information for them.

CEA Covered Hoppers - Loadhaul and EWS

These are now complete and submitted to Dovetail Games for their passage through internal QA.

HSA Scrap Wagons

The HSA scrap wagon conversions have been updated with some new features and changes to textures/materials. The models are complete and have just entered into our internal testing system.

Dia. 1/141 and 1/146 21t HTO Coal hoppers

The shapes and blueprints for these are complete and within the next couple of days they will have final materials applied ready for exporting prior to internal testing at the start of next week.

RNA Barrier wagons

Like the HSA wagons these have had their shapes and materials updated to allow the introduction of some new features compared to when they were last worked on. They should see the scripting finished off in the next couple of days before joining the queue for internal testing.

BDO 60t Bogie Bolster

The shape for this is now complete with some final bits of unwrapping and baking being completed along with the base texture being laid down. There's still a little bit of discussion ongoing about some of the features that may be added hence the final tweaks to leave options open.

As you can see it's been a busy month with a lot achieved and hopefully that will be the picture from now on!

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