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One expansion released and another heading well on the way.

March was definitely one of those months where it felt like it's all coming together with the 12T Vanwides released to a great reception. Thank you to all those who've bought a copy!

Bullion Carriers

Fastline Simulation - Bullion Carriers: The bullion flat is now unwrapped and the ambient occlusion has been added. Just final shaders, a bit of lettering and a light dusting to complete ...

The bullion van is now fully baked with all the lettering and numbers in place and some of the final shaders in the process of being added. A close up of the lettering was published on the blog a couple of days ago.

As can be seen from the picture above, the bullion flat is now fully unwrapped with baking of the ambient occlusion complete and added to the textures. Next up is the lettering and final little tweaks to both of the models.

The first scenario is now well on the way with the player service in and behaving correctly ready to be surrounded by other services.

VEA Vans

Following the announcement of this expansion a couple of weeks ago the models are already making some good progress. Both the clean Maroon and flame red and grey Railfreight versions are basically complete with other versions moving along nicely. Look out for screenshots on the blog during the coming weeks.

HEA Hopper Conversions

After a while sat on the back bench, this expansion is now seeing a little attention again which should usher it towards release in the fairly near future. Hopefully there will be pictures to publish on the blog in the next week or so.

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