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With the website repaired it has been great to get back to the business of creating expansions for Train Simulator and even managing to get a little bit of a freebie out there for good measure!

Bullion Carriers

Fastline Simulation - Bullion Carriers: Completed NLA Bullion Flat carrying two containers.

The shapes for both the bullion van and the bullion flat are now complete and about to start testing, as a slightly niche project these have been fun to create and attempt to research. Given their very nature, photographs and information have been hard to come by but the detective work has been worth it! Once they have been checked over for any errors in the shapes or things that look a little bit wrong by our test team the fun of unwrapping and baking them can begin.

HEA Hopper Conversions and 12T Vanwides

The development on these has slowed at the moment as real life priorities have meant the developers responsible for the next stages of the expansions have had to take a break. They are still in progress but will just take a little longer to appear than originally planned. One of our key principals as a developer is that real life should always take priority and if time is needed away to deal with things then it should be taken.

The Shop

Moving over to Fastspring to look after payment processing and delivery of expansions appears to have been a success with customers easily placing orders and receiving their products seamlessly. A big thank you to all of those who have purchased in the last few weeks and for those who showed patience as we battled to sort the issues caused when the original website was compromised.

What is more important though is that the change to an external provider reduces the amount of administration we have to do and will greatly simplify things as the EU VAT rules change at the end of the year for digital services. More time developing and less time crunching numbers is always a good thing!

Testing Team

The test team feels a bit thin at the moment and a degree of paranoia to ensure that quality is maintained is always at the back of the mind.

It would be good to add a couple more people to the team if the right people can be found just to ensure we are secure. If you have experience of using Train Simulator, are not involved with any other commercial group and fancy spending a little time testing just drop us a line to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. telling us a bit about yourself. If you have real world railway experience that would be even better!

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