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One of the features of railway operation until the mid-1990s was the requirement for trains carrying ‘Dangerous Goods’ to be formed with barrier wagons to help protect the crew in the event of a collision by increasing distance from the cargo (for safety reasons or at least due to Union pressure) and providing a ‘crumple zone’ in the event of low to medium speed rear end collision. In the case of the relatively short nuclear flask trains the additional vehicles provided extra brake force allowing the train to avoid having to run at restricted speed.

This Train Simulator expansion features RNA Barrier Wagons converted from HEA coal hoppers either by the complete removal of the hopper body in Railfreight Coal Sector livery and recoded hoppers in weathered maroon and Railfreight flame red and grey liveries along with clean Railfreight Coal Sector livery. In addition, a bonus CAR brake van in Railfreight Sector livery is included to allow you to form correctly marshalled trains.

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