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The first Bogie Bolster D wagons built for BR were 150 vehicles built at Derby in 1949 to an LMS design, which BR described as Diagram 1/470. This featured five fixed bolsters and lashing down rings on the solebar and the wagon was carried on LMS diamond frame bogies. The next 200 vehicles were to an LNER design, appearing in 1950, as Lot 2211 to Diagram 1/472 with the outer 2 bolsters moveable between 2 locations and lashing rings set into the floor of the wagon and were fitted with LNER diamond frame bogies.

1951 saw the appearance of Lot 2237 and with it, the change to GWR style plate bogies which set the appearance of the vast majority of Bolster D wagons with in excess of 1600 unfitted Diagram 1/472 vehicles constructed in 14 lots until 1958. It is these wagons that are represented in this pack.

The wagons in this pack are presented in Clean Unfitted Freight Grey and in a somewhat weathered condition. There is a choice of Empty or Loaded states, with 3 load choices: H-Beams, Pipes and Billets. Randomly applied choices of lettering are applied to the wagons to cover the changes in vehicle coding over the years. Prior to TOPS, the code could be rendered as Bogie Bolster D or D-Bolster, with BDO being the code used after TOPS.

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