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This expansion tells a part of the story of the more than 24,000 21T hoppers built by British Railways to several different diagrams over the 10 years from 1949. These wagons were a continuation of a former LNER design, with some of the earliest examples featuring the long brake lever and single-sided brakes of late LNER examples and also riveted bodywork.

This expansion features one of the earliest designs of 21T coal hopper built by British Railways to dia. 1/143 which was a minor variation of the existing LNER diagram featuring riveted bodies alongside LNER style handbrake lever and brake rigging. The wagons are supplied in clean and weathered versions which are further enhanced by loaded and empty versions of each with suitably modified physics to match the load state.


The 21T hoppers were a continuation of an LNER design and the earliest examples built for British Railways were practically identical to the last of the LNER vehicles. They retained the LNER style clasp brakes fitted to only one side of the wagon and the long, high level brake lever. After the ordering of 1200 vehicles with welded bodies to Diagram 1/141 in 1949, a new diagram, 1/143 was issued to covered those vehicles featuring riveted construction, and it these vehicles that are featured in this pack.

As part of the 1949 & 1950 building programs, six different manufacturers built the 7 Lots that covered the 2750 vehicles of this diagram: Lot 2163 was for 350 wagons, built by Cravens in Sheffield; Lot 2164 was for another 350 from Head Wrightson of Thornaby; Teesside Bridge & Engineering of Middlesbrough contributed the 150 wagons of Lot 2165; Lot 2166 was formed of 700 wagons from Birmingham RC&W; Metro-Cammell, also of Birmingham provided the 500 vehicles of Lot 2167; A further 450 vehicles from Head Wrightson formed Lot 2168. These were all part of the 1950 program. Curiously, the sole lot from the 1949 program was the highest numbered and comprised the last 250 numbers allocated to the diagram. Butterley Company at Codnor Park produced these vehicles to Lot 2212.


We always like to find ways of doing things a little differently and to incorporate new features to improve the use and enjoyment of our expansions.

Sometimes we will look at enabling new features to make models operate more like the prototype and in other cases to more closely reflect other influences in the real world.

The riveted body Dia. 1/143 HTO 21t coal hopper wagon pack for Train Simulator includes riveted body 21T coal hoppers with long LNER pattern brake levers in unfitted grey livery. Other features include: 

  • Four different weathering variations
  • Loaded and unloaded versions with suitable physics
  • Four different type of data panel/lettering - randomly assigned but can be overridden
  • Loaded versions have five different load profiles randomly assigned
  • Animated handbrake lever

The pack includes a user manual with further details about the rolling stock and the customising of some of the features when using the wagons in scenarios.

To allow the formation of correctly marshalled trains a British Railways dia. 1/506 unfitted 20T brake van is also bundled with this wagon pack.

Click here to view the dia. 1/143 HTO 21T Coal Hoppers Manual

Click here to view the CAO Brake Van [Grey] Manual


As these expansions are being released via Steam Marketplace it is usual to not included bundled scenarios as we have in the past with our self-published expansions. However, as this product is workshop compatible we have commissioned two scenarios featuring the rolling stock included in the pack and these will be uploaded to Steam Workshop in the near future.

In the meantime you may want to search Steam Workshop to see if any scenarios have been shared by other people: Click here for Steam Workshop scenarios

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