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This Train Simulator features the most widespread conversion during the late 1980s and early 1990s of the air braked BORAIL wagons once they had been transferred to the engineers department as YLA Mullets to make full use of their 60t capacity, carrying concrete sleepers from production pants to track fabrication depots and work sites. Although originally built over 50 years ago the wagons can still be found in regular use today.

Almost immediately after conversion of the BRV BORAIL wagons to air brakes in the early 1980s the entire fleet were transferred to the engineers department where they were give the TOPS code of YLA and the fishkind of Mullet. By the late 1980s the engineers department started to convert examples for other uses. In the first case this was as track panel carriers by removing the bolsters and fitting longitudinal beams along with a change of TOPS code to YMA and a confusing mix of fishkinds. Fairly shortly after this a larger program to convert the wagons into sleeper carriers began which would see around 69 wagons becoming YQA Parr.

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