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Some 1,894 Vanwides were built from 1961 through to 1963 at Wolverton and as can be expected from any type of wagon built in large numbers there are a number of variations that have come about from changes during the production run and subsequent modifications.

The vans survived in service through to the early 1980s and around a quarter were subsequently refurbished and fitted with air brakes.

This Train Simulator expansion features:

  • Vanwide - In as built condition with Oleo buffers and plain bearing axle-boxes.
  • VWV - TOPS coded original Vanwide with Oleo buffers and plain bearing axle-boxes.
  • VMV - TOPS coded version fitted with an alternative style of plain bearing axle boxes and self contained buffers.
  • VEV - TOPS coded modified version with roller bearing axle-boxes and Oleo buffers.

As with all Fastline Simulation expansions for Train Simulator, the models feature a range of suitable liveries, weathering variations, loaded and empty physics and tail lamp carrying versions.

CAO Brake Vans

In addition to the Vanwides we have included TOPS code CAO (unfitted) BR standard 20T brake vans to dia. 1/506. The brake vans are supplied in different versions covering brown and brown with grey ends liveries. These types are subdivided into those with smoke from the stove, clean and weathered versions and different variations of tail lamp covering, unfitted trains, fitted trains and no lamps.


To let you experience the wagons in as authentic an environment as possible two scenarios are included in the pack for the original Newcastle to York route, now known as ECML.

0G42/7G42 1050 Darlington - York. (1977): The snow has been falling steadily for the last few days and a freezing fog is hanging about, but the railway keeps on running. You have been tasked by Control to run light engine from Darlington to Thirsk. They want you to pick up some Vanwides that have been sitting in storage there and work them forwards to York. They will be inspected at the Works before release into service. There is a seasonal flow of seed potato traffic which requires them.

7N86 1210 Tinsley - Tyne. (1979): You are waiting time at Darlington, to allow a HST to overtake you. You are working the 1210 service from Tinsley Yard to Tyne Yard, which today is mainly a mixture of loaded Presflos for Scotland, some Vanwides with various loads and empty coal wagons, returning to Tyneside.

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