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Sometimes we find ourselves attracted to the unusual or mysterious. This expansion features one of the most unusual and secretive workings on the railways, carrying bank notes and bullion between London and the regional banking centres.

The rolling stock featured in this expansion was developed as a reaction to the Great Train Robbery and the requirement to increase security for this high value cargo.

This expansion for Train Simulator contains two unique and very different vehicles, the Bullion Van and the Bullion Flat. In both cases the amount of reference is quite scant and has been drawn together from a wide range of sources.

Rolling Stock

Bullion Van

These vehicles were converted in 1965-6 from Mark 1 BSK coaches with the aim of creating a secure vehicle with facilities for security staff to travel on the train.

The conversion was pretty radical with all but one compartment being removed, the windows were plated open and two pairs of double doors were added on each side. The corridor connections were removed from both ends to deny access if the vehicle was marshalled into a service train, something which frequently happened between Kings Cross and Newcastle in the years after conversion. The vans were pressure ventilated, dual braked, dual heated, fitted with advanced communication equipment and roof mounted periscopes.

Bullion Flat

These vehicles seem even more shrouded in secrecy than the Bullion Vans. Some sources list them as Freightliner flats with buffers and buckeye couplings and others as mark 1 underframes fitted to carry up to three containers. What is for certain is that they were created at Derby in 1971 and from modelling them they appear to be much closer to a mark 1 coach than a Freightliner flat!

The vehicles definitely relate more to coaching stock than freight stock with their drop head buckeye couplings, retractable buffers, dual braking and through ETH wiring, they even sport an emergency equipment box.

In service the flats were often photographed working in conjunction with the Bullion Vans in special services, although it can be assumed they could be marshalled within a passenger train if needs required.

CAP Brake Vans

In addition to the Bullion Carriers we have included TOPS code CAP (unfitted with through vacuum pipe) BR standard 20T brake vans to dia. 1/506. The brake vans are supplied in different versions carrying brown livery. These are subdivided into versions with smoke from the stove, clean and weathered versions and different variations of tail lamp covering, unfitted trains, fitted trains and no lamps.


To let you experience the wagons in as authentic an environment as possible two scenarios are included in the pack for the original Newcastle to York route, now known as ECML. These scenarios have been modified to use speed limits from the relevant year and are supported by Sectional Appendix excerpts in the manual.

1N13 1045 Kings Cross - Newcastle. (1977): It is the Wednesday after the August Bank Holiday and you have just taken charge of the Summer only 1045 service from Kings Cross to Newcastle.

Today the service has the addition of a Bullion Van to the normal load, so you will need to stick to the timetable, as your high value cargo is being monitored by the Authorities.

1G35 1716 Newcastle - Doncaster. (1985): It’s a gloomy Thursday evening and you are waiting time for departure at Newcastle Central. You are to work a Control special, composed of Bullion vehicles, as far as York.

This scenario makes use of a specially created reskin of the Class 47 included in the route to represent 47406 Rail Riders in InterCity livery with 3D nameplates and added ETH jumpers. the reskin is installed automatically with the expansion pack or can also be downloaded here: 47406 Rail Riders Reskin

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