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Rolling Stock

VEA Vans

British Railways built a covered merchandise design suitable for palletised loads in the early 1960s. The vehicles to Diagram 217 had centrally fitted double doors on each side that pulled out before sliding back to give a useful 9ft door opening on the 17ft 6in body length. They were on a 10ft wheelbase and rated at 12t.

As BR moved on to producing longer wheel base air braked vans and aimed to reduce it’s use of vacuum braked stock, an issue arose in the late 70’s. These newer vehicles were deemed unsuitable for use over the tight curvature found in several military depots and to that end, a total of 550 VEV were refurbished with air brakes, new suspension, renumbered and coded VEA. These Air Braked conversions are represented in this pack.

The first 50 VEA were converted at Ashford Works, as lot 3918, in 1978 and were painted in Maroon livery. Of these, only 4 were later repainted into Railfreight Red/Grey. The vans were renumbered into the series starting with 230000.

There was a 3 year gap before any more conversions, with vehicles 230050 – 230109, forming lot 3982, passing through Horwich Works in the first half of 1981. These vehicles, as with all subsequent ones, were delivered in Railfreight Flame Red & Grey.

Lot 4017, comprising 230110 – 230399, followed from Shildon Works in the second half of 1982, with the final 150 to lot 4028 appearing during 1983, also from Shildon.

ODA Open

For loads that were too large for the VEA to handle, an open wagon was required. 50 SOV 12t Pipe wagons were taken in hand at Shildon in 1983. These vehicles had 2 five-plank doors per side, with a removable central stanchion between them, to allow easy access.

They had a 12ft wheelbase, some 8ft shorter than that of the main BR Air braked open types then in service. They emerged with air brakes, new roller bearing axleboxes and new suspension, renumbered in the range 113000-1130049, and were coded as ODA. They were delivered in Flame Red & Grey livery. Only a single example, 113017, received Railfreight Distribution livery.

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