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To let you experience the wagons in as authentic an environment as possible three scenarios are included in the pack for the WCML Over Shap route available via Steam.

6S87 1320 Carlisle NY – Eastriggs MOD. (October 1986): Work the daily trip from Carlisle to the MOD depot at Eastriggs.

Traffic in the Carlisle area featured workings to several Ministry Of Defence depots. You are to work the 1320 service to the facilities at Eastriggs. The train is waiting in the Down Departure sidings, and is formed of a mix of ODA and VEA wagons that have travelled overnight from the south of England. Be aware that this service is timed to run at a maximum of 60 mph.

6M91 1530 Eastriggs MOD – Carlisle NY (October 1986): Work the daily trip from the MOD depot at Eastriggs to Carlisle Yard.

Having worked the outbound leg from Carlisle Yard earlier in the afternoon, you are now ready to assemble the stock for the trip back to Carlisle. You are booked to leave at 1530, so there is no rush. Class 6 services are timed to a maximum of 60 mph.

6M87 1810 Severn Tnl Jn Down Yd - Carlisle NY (April 1987): It’s a crisp clear night and you are to work a northbound Speedlink service between Preston and Carlisle Yard.

The WCML was a main route for the Speedlink network, BR’s general freight service. You will work one of the services that linked the South West of England with North West England & Scotland. The line is still busy with passenger and parcels services, so you will be looped at Oubeck, Carnforth and Penrith. Class 6 services are timed to run at a maximum of 60mph.

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