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Under Development

This is the content for Train Simulator we've either announced and are officially working on or are projects we're just tinkering with. In general things you see here that have been announced should be available soon, but not before they are ready.

The products are illustrated with either the most useful render or screen shot we have at the moment or a photograph until we're ready to show you the actual model. For progress updates as shapes are finished, textured and trialled in the simulator take a look at our blog.

Ages of the Train is our range of scenario packs for Train Simulator.

Building on the ethos of the scenarios included with our stock packs each scenario pack contains five prototypical scenarios for one route with a common theme from a logical period of railway history.

Each scenario features actual train formations and motive power (where known) for the individual services and prototypical routing where possible.

Rolling stock and routes are drawn from our own and a range of other commercial products.

Creative people love to be just that. All these items are things that have been started because someone fancied having a go.

The items in this section don't fit into any current plans and there's no guarantee they will ever be made available, then again it's always fun to have a poke about in the dark corners and see what's lurking there ...

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